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Are you a Wise or Foolish Home Builder?

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There is a parable about a wise and foolish man.  Both men were building a home for their families to spend the rest of their lives in.  One of the men chose his spot a very picturesque one near the ocean.  The site was spectacular and it guaranteed a fantastic view forever.  The other man took the slightly more difficult path and decided to build his home in the mountains where the terrain was rocky.

Finally the men put the finishing touches on their homes and they were ready to move their families in.  Both homes were amazing with all of the accouterments of a fine lifestyle.

After the men and their families moved into their new homes there arose a mighty storm that dumped a ton of rain on their homes.  It rained and rained for several days and with so much water it started to flood.  The waters rose high and washed away the ocean front sand and that man’s home and storage shed was destroyed when it toppled over.  He did not have a firm and solid foundation.

The other man who had built his home on the more solid ground weathered the rain and the floods without any issues and his home stood firm.

This little story highlights the importance of having a solid foundation and a base that will last no matter what life throws at you.  This principle is the same in all areas of our life, but in this instance we will apply it to our Titan Homes.

One of the things I like about our modular and manufactured homes is that everything behind the sheetrock is built exactly alike.  All of our walls are a minimum eight feet tall and 16” on center which is standard residential construction, our floor joist are 16” on center and are either 2×6”, 8” or 10” which are then supported by a 12” American rolled steel I-Beam which is custom cambered to support the heaviest parts of the home (Kitchen, Utility, Bathrooms, fireplace etc.) So, if you buy our starter homes or the most custom designed homes you will get the same construction.  We believe it doesn’t matter if you have to buy the least expensive home or if you have the means to purchase the most expensive home that you construction should change.  Everyone deserves a well-built home.  This is one of the main reasons we put a Ten Year structural warranty on ALL of our homes.

Other manufactures out there may use a 8” or a 10” corrugated metal I-Beam for some of their homes and as a result their homes are lighter and over time can have less value and durability.

Our homes are built with the frames 99.5” apart which is the optimal distance for the I-Beams to be placed for maximum stability for road travel and home support.  Supplementing that we use a “C” channel between the I-Beams to add additional support as the home travels down the road so there is no twisting of the frame.  There is a lot of torque on the frame as it travels down the road and is brought to the property. Other manufactures will us an Angle Iron in the shape of an “L” which although good will have less ability to prevent twisting and have less resistance to torque.

What is custom cambering? 

Basically to us this illustration; when you see a flatbed hauler empty running down the road the bed of the transport is typically bowed upwards.  Once the heavy weight is put on the trailer the bed evens out and provides for a level platform.  If the platform was straight to begin with the heavy weight would then cause the platform to bow downwards causing more stress and eventually the platform would break and the load would be out of level, making for a potentially dangerous situation.  In our Titan homes the custom cambering allows your home to remain in level for the life of the home.  The camber is strategically placed to provide for maximum support and to have a solid base and foundation for your home.  What does this mean for you?  A home that will keep looking great, fixtures, cabinets, counters, floors, tubs, showers etc. will last longer and maintain their beauty for a long time.

When you buy a manufactured or modular home please take time to consider the things you cannot readily see. Ask lots of questions about construction and the foundation of the home.  Your home is more than shelter and shade it is where many memories will be created.  Here at Titan Homes we want you to build your memories on a solid foundation and a strong base.

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